Committee details

North Dorset District Council Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee is responsible for various review and scrutiny functions, monitoring the work of the council to ensure that the needs of the community are understood and that decision-making is open and transparent.


What is scrutiny?

The scrutiny function enables members to hold the cabinet and senior managers to account. It also enables members to review policy and its implementation and consider any matters which affect the community which the council represents.


How does it work?

The function of scrutiny is that of a "critical friend" and its focus is on strategic issues, not the day to day running of services.


How to raise an issue or become involved with scrutiny at North Dorset District Council


Protocol for recording North Dorset District Council's committee meetings


Contact information

Support officer: Sandra Deary 01258 484370. Email:

Postal address:
South Walks House
South Walks Road

Phone: 01258 484370