Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Disposal of Rolls Mill Depot Sturminster Newton18/01/2018For Determination25/01/2018
Response to consultation on the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Waste Plan Pre-Submission Draft17/01/2018For Determination26/01/2018
Improving Health & Wellbeing in our Communities17/01/2018For Determination08/02/2018
West Bay Car Park Improvement works - West Bay Road, Station Road and Bridport Arms car parks11/01/2018For Determination13/03/2018
Harbour Revision Order14/11/2017For Determination22/02/2018
Land at Shaftesbury Cattle Market15/01/2018For Determination17/01/2018
Parnham House stabilisation works after fire16/01/2018For Determination08/02/2018
Tolpuddle Chapel grant contribution toward restoration16/01/2018For Determination08/02/2018
Business Review Outturn Report11/01/2018For Determination29/05/2018
Corporate Sponsorship11/01/2018For Determination08/02/2018
Budget and Financial Strategy 2018-1911/01/2018For Determination27/02/2018
Allocation of funding to the Maltings Arts Trust11/01/2018For Determination08/02/2018
Release of Housing Reserves to fund homelessness prevention work in West Dorset11/01/2018For Determination08/02/2018
Local Business Revaluation Support Scheme11/01/2018For Determination08/02/2018
New BID Proposition - Regulations Compliance11/01/2018For Determination08/02/2018
Melcombe Regis: Selective Licensing of Private Rented Sector Property11/01/2018For Determination17/04/2018
Appointment to Internal Working Group11/01/2018For Determination06/02/2018
Budget and Financial Strategy 2018 - 201909/01/2018For Determination22/02/2018
Business Review Outturn Report09/01/2018For Determination05/06/2018
Brief for Sculpture trail in Weymouth & Portland09/01/2018For Determination06/03/2018
Local Business Revaluation Support Scheme09/01/2018For Determination06/03/2018
Anti-Social Public Space Protection Order PSPO09/01/2018For Determination31/05/2018
New BID Proposition - Regulations Compliance09/01/2018For Determination06/02/2018
3GS Environmental Enforcement Project09/01/2018For Determination06/02/2018
Release of General Reserves to fund homelessness prevention work in Weymouth and Portland09/01/2018For Determination06/02/2018
Allocation of grants to Portland Museum Trust, the Islanders Youth Club and Weymouth Angling Society in order to assist with rent payments09/01/2018For Determination06/02/2018
Digital Strategy & Dorsetforyou Update11/01/2018For Determination05/06/2018
Mandatory Licensing of HMOs: Introduction of revised criteria for licensing and adoption of a common fee structure.08/01/2018For Determination13/03/2018
Fontwell Magna Conservation Area Appraisal08/01/2018For Determination05/02/2018
Local Business revaluation Support Scheme08/01/2018For Determination05/02/2018
Procurement of new operating contract for Blandford Leisure Centre08/01/2018For Determination05/02/2018
Business Review Outturn Report08/01/2018For Determination04/06/2018
Budget and Financial Strategy 2018-1908/01/2018For Determination20/02/2018
Modern Slavery Protocol13/11/2017For Determination13/03/2018
Local Plan Review Preferred Options Consultation16/11/2017For Determination10/05/2018
Community Governance Review - Consultation responses and final recommendations for local governance arrangements for Weymouth15/11/2017For Determination22/02/2018
Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 12314/11/2017For Determination08/02/2018
Local Plan Review Preferred Options Consultation14/11/2017For Determination31/05/2018
MEMO Project Update14/11/2017For Determination06/02/2018
Setting up a Local Authority Owned Housing Company13/11/2017For Determination05/02/2018
Quarter 3 Business Review06/11/2017For Determination08/02/2018
2018/2019 Treasury Management Strategy Statement and Annual Investment Strategy06/11/2017For Determination27/02/2018
Recharging for Town and Parish Council elections06/11/2017Recommmend Forward to Council26/01/2018
Revised Scheme of Officer delegations06/11/2017For Determination31/05/2018
Festivals and Events Policy and updated procedures10/01/2017For Determination06/03/2018
Corporate Sponsorship Policy29/09/2017For Determination05/02/2018
Proposed New Policy prohibiting the release of sky lanterns and helium balloons from land and premises owned by the Council02/10/2017Recommmend Forward to Council18/01/2018
Corporate Sponsorship Policy29/09/2017For Determination06/02/2018
Calendar of Meetings 2018/1918/08/2017Recommmend Forward to Council18/01/2018
Calendar of Meetings 2018/1918/08/2017Recommmend Forward to Council26/01/2018
Management of the Verne Common Nature Reserve and High Angle Battery, Portland10/01/2017For Determination06/02/2018
Piddle Valley Neighbourhood Plan - Independent Examiners Report16/11/2016For Determination08/02/2018