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Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Scrutiny and Performance Committee

This page lists the meetings for Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Scrutiny and Performance Committee.


Information about Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Scrutiny and Performance Committee

The Scrutiny and Performance Committee is responsible for undertaking scrutiny reviews of sovereign council services and matters of relevance to the council and the borough.  Issues or services that are relevant to all councils across the partnership (Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, West Dorset District Council, North Dorset District Council) are dealt with by the Joint Advisory Overview and Scrutiny Committee.


The committee aims to improve services by monitoring the work of the council and its partner organisations, such as the county council, health service and other agencies and can make reports or recommendations to officers or any body of the council in respect of decisions made, action taken or on matters relevant to the Weymouth and Portland area.  The committee has a work plan which is reviewed at every committee meeting.


You can suggest a topic for the committee to review by completing a scrutiny request form. You can also make a request to contribute to any current scrutiny review.


Public speaking at Weymouth & Portland Borough Council's committees


The Scrutiny Handbook has been developed to guide councillors and officers through the process of undertaking a scrutiny review. If you are asked to take part in a scrutiny review, the Scrutiny Handbook contains a Witness Charter which tells you what will happen and the support you will be given during your involvement.  Please contact the Democratic Services Team for further information.