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Tuesday, 8th January, 2019 10.00 am

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2/2017/1912/OUT - Land At The Bull, Common Lane, The Bridge, Sturminster Newton pdf icon PDF 106 KB

Develop land by the erection of up to 17 No. dwellings, form new vehicular access, car parking, extended garden and associated works relating to The Bull Tavern, with roads, parking, landscaping and ancillary works. (Outline application to determine access, layout and scale).

Additional documents:


The Major Applications Manager presented the report showing all relevant plans and drawings.


He advised that the examiner of the Neighbourhood Plan had not supported development of this site.  However, he considered that a smaller scale development ancillary to the pub was acceptable.


The Major Applications Manager advised that 2 further correspondences had been received in support of the application.  One from Mr Woodhouse the applicant who had outlined the benefits to the local community and one from Cllr Batstone, the Ward Member who supported the proposed development.


Public Participation


Oral representation objecting to the application was received from Mr Underwood, local resident.  His main concerns were as follows:


  • Light pollution;
  • The applicant might not carry out works to upgrade the public house even if this application was approved;
  • Impact on local wildlife;
  • The access was on a blind bend; and
  • Potential flooding issues.


Mr Underwood felt that if permission was granted it should be under the proviso that the works to the public house and new car park as set out in the report would be carried out.


Oral representation in favour of the application was received from Mr  Fraser (Newton Residents Association), and Mr  Woodhouse (Applicant).  The reasons for support were:


  • 40% affordable housing on the site;
  • Protection of the long term viability of the Bull Inn;
  • Enhancement of the entrance to the town; and
  • Public benefit.


Ward Member


Cllr Fox spoke in support of the application.  He felt that the long term viability of the Bull Tavern should be protected.  Cllr Fox felt that the access to the site should be moved and made wider and the junction on Common Lane should be enhanced.


Cllr Fox felt that the community benefits outweighed the Neighbourhood Plan.


Members’ questions and debate


Members discussed the application and considered that support should be given to country/rural pubs as this would help to improve tourism.  They considered that the community benefits outweighed the recommendations of the Neighbourhood Plan.


It was proposed by Cllr Fox and seconded by Cllr Dowden



To delegate authority to the Head of Planning to grant planning permission subject to a s106 agreement and conditions set out in appendix 1 to these minutes.


Reasons for Decision: The proposal:


-       Makes a positive contribution to achieving the 5 year housing land supply required in North Dorset

-       Provides for the sustainability of and upgrades to The Bull Tavern, bringing with it community benefits

-       Does not have a significant detrimental impact of the conservation area, landscape area or Grade II Listed Building (The Bull Tavern)






2018/18/1240/FUL - Huntley Down, Milborne St Andrew, DT11 0LN pdf icon PDF 589 KB

Erect 25 No. dwellings with garages, form vehicular access.


The Area Lead (Major Projects – Eastern) presented the report, showing all relevant plans and drawings. He advised that the Parish Council had raised objections to the proposal; however there were no other objections from the statutory consultees subject to conditions and planning contributions.


He advised that a previous application for 30 houses on this site had been refused within the past year. It was refused on the grounds of:


  1. The proposed layout would result in a density that does not reflect the loose knit and spacious characteristics of the settlement pattern in this edge of village location. Furthermore, the layout fails to adequately intergrade the affordable housing into the layout and the tenures can be clearly told apart and are clearly distinguishable from the market housing contrary to Policies 7, 8, and 24 of the adopted North Dorset Local Plan Part 1 (January 2016).


  1. The proposed development would result in the levels of amenity currently enjoyed by dwellings adjoining the site being adversely impacted by reason of layout, siting, and scale of the proposed dwellings on rising ground contrary to Policy 25 of the adopted North Dorset Local Plan Part 1 (January 2016).


This application sought to address these reasons.


The Area Lead considered this to be a sustainable site which bordered the settlement boundary on three sided.  He considered that the density of the proposed development fits well with the character of the area, and that the layout, siting, and scale would not result in any seriously detriment harm to amenities currently enjoyed by neighbouring residents.


Public Participation


Oral representation in opposition to the application was received from Ms J

Witherden (on behalf of the Parish Council), Mrs Humphrey and Mr Bulley who raised the following concerns:


  • The Neighbourhood Plan had been submitted in October and should be given greater weight, and refusal on the grounds of prematurity considered;
  • Heathland mitigation project not yet agreed;
  • If approved, this application could undermine other developments on the site allocated in the Neighbourhood Plan;
  • Density, topography, and layout of the site would result in overlooking

and overshadowing of existing properties;

  • The site was outside the village envelope of development;
  • Layout is considered to be poor and uncharacteristically dense;
  • Affordable housing does not reflect the local need and is segregated from the rest of the development;

these should be pepper potted through the site;

  • Parking and road layout, causing unsafe parking on roads;
  • There was no housing shortfall in the rural area, and the allocation in the emerging Neighbourhood Plan would allow adequate development in the village;
  • Risk of flooding caused by surface water run off may require a bund or fence to be constructed on the western boundary, yet this is not in the proposed plans; and
  • Sub-standard green spaces.


Mr Lofthouse, the agent, spoke in favour of the application. He advised that the reasons for refusal of the previous application had been addressed, with the density of the proposed development reduced to 25 dwellings.  In relation to the clustering  ...  view the full minutes text for item 60.


2/2108/1199/HOUSE - Milton Farm Cottage , Milton On Stour To Wavering Lane - Road, Milton On Stour, SP8 5PX pdf icon PDF 274 KB

Change of material to the west facing gable end.


The Area Lead (Major Projects – Eastern) presented the report, showing all

relevant plans and drawings.  He advised that a planning application for full length windows had been refused and the refusal upheld by the Planning Inspectorate, however, the windows had been installed.  The proposed cladding would conceal part of the windows installed.


Officers considered that the cladding would not adversely affect the appearance of Milton Farm Cottage and would have a neutral effect on the character of the Conservation Area.


Pubic Participation


Oral representation objecting to the application was received from Mrs Montanaro.  She considered that the cladding would be out or character for the area and felt that the full height windows should be removed and the stone wall rebuilt.


Oral representation in support of the application was received from Mr Adlem, agent.  He advised that there was a mix of properties in the village, some of which had timber cladding.  Therefore, the proposed cladding was not out of character for the area.


Ward Member


Cllr Williams advised that the western elevation of the property was very visible from the public footpath which ran close to the property.  He added that local residents were concerned that the cladding could be removed in the future, leaving the full length windows.


The Area Lead suggested that a condition be added to ensure the cladding would remain in place unless planning permission was granted to remove it.


Members’ questions and debate


Members considered the proposed cladding would be significantly out of character for the building which is in the conservation area. 


It was proposed by Cllr Ridout and seconded by Cllr Williams



To refuse the application on the grounds set out in appendix 1 to these minutes.

Appendix 1 pdf icon PDF 73 KB


Planning Appeals pdf icon PDF 57 KB

To note the report (attached) of Head of Planning Development Management and Building Control on Planning Appeals.


The Committee noted the report of the Head of Service for the period between 26 November 2018 and 21 December 2018.