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Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Planning Committee
Wednesday, 6th February, 2019 9.00 am

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Cllr West declared that she would not take part in the debate or vote for WP/18/00587/COU - land at Sweethill Road, Portland as both she and the applicant were on Portland Town Council.



To confirm the minutes of the last meeting, previously circulated.


The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed and signed as a correct record.




There were no requests for site visits.


Application No: WP/17/01013/OUT - Harrys Amusements 87-89 The Esplanade pdf icon PDF 85 KB

PROPOSAL: Demolish existing building and erection of 26 flats including alterations and provide cycle/bin stores and parking.


This application had been the subject of a site visit on the morning of the Planning Committee.  The Senior Planning Officer presented the application which sought outline permission to demolish the two storey rear of  the existing building and the erection of 26 flats including alterations, the provision of cycle/bin stores and parking.  He advised that there had been further comments provided from the Environment Agency, which had resulted in two further conditions being added to the recommendation.


The main planning issues were highlighted, with regard to affordable housing the developers had submitted a viability report to the District Valuer who had agreed with the viability assessment that the development would not be viable if affordable housing contributions were sought.  The application with amended conditions was recommended for approval.


Oral representation was received from Ms Carol Evans from Evans and Traves on behalf of the applicant.


The committee were disappointed at the lack of affordable housing or CIL contributions and hoped that going forward the new planning authority would look at the issue of viability. The Senior Planning Officer confirmed that due to the removal of the current two storey building, vacant building credit would be applied.  Members also voiced their desire to add a condition as regards  electric car charging points on all new developments and to encourage developers to consider the possibility of solar panels.


Proposed by Cllr Nickinson,  seconded by Cllr I Bruce


That a condition be added to ensure the installation of a minimum of 4 electric car charging points.


On being put to the vote the amendment was CARRIED.


Proposed by Cllr Nickinson, seconded by Cllr James


Decision: that the application be approved subject to the additional conditions relating the installation of 4 electric car charging points and the conditions outlined in the appendix to these minutes.




Application No: WP/18/00895/OUT - Land to the east of Hetherly Road, Weymouth pdf icon PDF 316 KB


 PROPOSAL: Erection of 5no dwellings (Outline)


The application for outline permission for the erection of 5 detached houses had been the subject of a site visit on the morning of the Planning Committee and was presented by the Area Manager (Western).


He presented an indicative layout of how the site might look which included the provision of a turning facility.  The site was owned by WPBC who had granted a certificate of lawfulness for the land that established the land as an amenity area but that would not affect a planning application consideration.  He referred to Policy Com 5 of the adopted Local Plan on page 22 of the report which advised that the land was surplus to requirements.  He advised that members should balance the benefits of additional new housing when the Council could not demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply against the loss of land as amenity/open space.  The Council had identified the land as suitable for residential development in the SHLAA.  The application was CIL liable and recommended for approval.


Oral representation was received from Mr Brett Spiller from Chapman Lily Planning on behalf of the applicant.


Overall members felt that the land was an important open space as an amenity area, while there was a balance to take into account it was  felt that the provision of a safe space for children to play was favourable.

The area was already densely populated and the loss of the space for just 5 houses would be unacceptable.


In response to the comments made the Area Manager (Western) pointed out that in light of National guidance as regards Housing Land Supply there must be an element of doubt that the Council would succeed at appeal if the application was refused, but that Members had to balance the housing need against the loss of the amenity land and make their own decision.


Members were also concerned that land was being sold without all councillors being consulted and any income raised from these sales would get paid into the new Unitary Authority.  They asked that the Councils Property Services department be informed that they did not wish to see the land sold for development.


Proposed by Cllr Tewkesbury, seconded by Cllr James


Decision: that the application be refused on the grounds that the proposed development would lead to a loss of open space/amenity land valued by local residents and its redevelopment for housing as applied for would be contrary to Policy COM5 of the adopted Weymouth & Portland and West Dorset Local Plan 2015, in that alternative provision of such space would not be provided that is better placed and accessible to the community it serves. This harm outweighs the need for housing notwithstanding that the Council currently cannot demonstrate a 5 year housing land supply as set out in para 11 of the National Planning Policy Framework.




Application No: WP/18/00587/COU - Land south of Sweethill Road, Portland pdf icon PDF 222 KB


PROPOSAL: Temporary change of use of land to allow for the siting of mobile stables to be used for commercial equestrian use.


This application had been the subject of a site visit on the morning of the committee meeting and was presented by the Senior Planning Officer. 


The application soughtchange of use of land to allowforthe siting of mobilestables tobe used for commercial equestrian use whilst doing a  phased relocation of the business from its Watery Lane Site to the new site at Sweethill Road.  The Senior Planning Officer drew attention to the late representation from Historic England and advised that 3 more representations had been received, 2 in support and 1 objecting, the comments received had already been set out in the report.

The Area Manager (Western) reported that the application would have been brought to committee sooner but there had been land ownership certificate issues and the application was now recommended for approval.

Oral representation was received from the applicant Ms Susan Lees.

The committee members were happy to support the continuation of the business but voiced concerns about the length of time the previously approved development of the main site was taking to complete.

Cllr Kimber proposed, Cllr Wheller seconded an amendment.

That the permission be reduced to a two year completion period.

On being put to the vote the amendment was LOST.

Proposed by Cllr Brookes, seconded by Cllr Nickinson,  that the application be approved as recommended.

Decision: that the application be delegatedto the Head ofPlanning (Development Management andBuilding Control) togrant planning permission following the expiry of the consultationperiodsubject to there beingno newmatters raised by anylate representations receivedandsubject to theconditions outlined in the appendix to these minutes.

Cllr West had declared an interest in the application and did not take part in the debate or vote.




Application No: WP/18/00489/FUL - Land at Junction of Dorchester Road & Mercery Road, Weymouth - Revised Condition pdf icon PDF 47 KB

PROPOSAL: Erection of discount food store (use class A1) with customer car parking, soft & hard landscaping & associated works


The Senior Planning Officer presented the application for an amendment to condition 11.

An application for the erectionofdiscount foodstore(useclass A1)withcustomer carparking,soft &hardlandscaping& associatedworkswas reportedto planningcommitteeon Wednesday12 December.Committeegranteddelegatedauthorityto theHead ofPlanningfor approvalsubject toa Section106agreement toensure afinancial contributionforthe busshelterandconditions and requested Electric car charging points.


This initial conditionmeant thattwoelectricchargingparking spaceswouldbe providedon thesiteprior tothestorebeing broughtintouseandthen fora reviewof thisprovisiontwoyearsfromthestorebeingbroughtinto use.


The agent for the applicant has considered it more appropriateto deliveradditional electriccar chargingspaces priortothestore beingbroughtinto userather thanadopt apost openingreviewand provideapproach.


Theagentforthe applicationhas setout thatthe baseproposal of2 chargingspaces canbe increased toprovideadditional chargingposts toserve the development  Therefore,itisproposed thata totalprovisionof 8electricchargingspaces wouldbe providedon siteprior tothestore beingbrought intouse.


The committee were delighted to hear that additional electric car charging points were to be installed and asked for a consistent approach with regard to this subject to be taken forward to the new planning authority.  It was felt that there were not enough electric car charging points in Dorset and this could have an affect on the tourism industry.


Proposed by Cllr Tewkesbury, seconded by all committee  members.


Decision that authority be delegatedto theHeadofPlanning (Development Management & Building Control)forapprovalsubject toa Section106agreement toensurea financialcontributionfor thebus shelterandtheconditions outlined in the appendix to these minutes.





Application No: WP/18/00997/DOD - Pleasure Pier building, Pleasure Pier, The Quay, Weymouth pdf icon PDF 91 KB


 PROPOSAL: Demolition of two storey building.


The application for the demolition of the two storey building was presented by the Area Manager (Western).  He explained that the Council was the applicant and the demolition of the pleasure pier building came under permitted development. 


Members were not all happy with the demolition of the building and questioned if it was beyond repair and if a replacement building would take it’s place.  The Area Manager (Western) advised that from a planning point of view they could not stop demolition going ahead.


Decision: That prior approval was not required and that the development be carried out in accordance with the submitted details and in any event the development must be carried out within a period of 5 years from the date on which the application was submitted.



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